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What's Included


The Zodiac star package is the favourite of our customers. With this package you can choose the constellation yourself, and we will name one of the stars making up the constellation on your behalf. These stars are among the brightest stars within the constellations and are very easy to find.

The gift package for Zodiac will be custom made for you and will contain the following items:

  • Star certificate with the name, the date of naming and the dedication
  • Star map to locate your star
  • Five documents containing information on the star, the constellation and celestial mechanics
  • Presentation gift folder
  • CD with free planetarium software

If you want to name the brightest star in a constellation, please choose the Supernova star package, which also includes many other extras.

Name a star

Here you can choose the name of your star and the date of naming. Also you can choose some optional extras, for example a frame for your certificate or a silver necklace.

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Please type in your text manually and do not copy it into it from another source. Otherwise, it can happen that it will not be shown on your certificate.

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