Name a Star


What's Included


With the twin star package, you can name two stars visually situated side-by-side. Naming a star with the twin star package is a very romantic gift for two lovers. Please write the two names you wish to have on the certificates in the two text fields. We will send you two certificates (one for each star) along with further information on both stars.

The gift package for Twin will be custom made for you and will contain the following items:

  • Two star certificates, each one with the name, the date of naming and the dedication
  • One star map to locate your two stars
  • 6 sheets with information about your stars, constellation and celestial mechanics
  • Star photo of the stars (in colour)
  • CD with free planetarium software

Name a star

Here you can choose the name of your star and the date of naming. Also you can choose some optional extras, for example a frame for your certificate or a silver necklace.

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Please type in your text manually and do not copy it into it from another source. Otherwise, it can happen that it will not be shown on your certificate.

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