A star as a gift for birth or baptism


Starting life with your own star is something very special. It will accompany the recipient the whole life long and it is a gift to remember forever. The birth or baptism are a great occasion to baptize a star for the lucky one. It is also certain that no one else comes up with this original idea of baptizing a star for the child. This guarantees a great surprise. In conversations with our customers a star baptism as a baptismal gift has always proven to be an excellent gift idea. That's it for you, too. We wish you a lot of fun with the star baptism and the recipient a wonderful start in life.

Gift package

When you buy your guaranteed visible star, you will receive a complete gift package with many extras and background information about your personal star as well as the entry in the international “Starling Star Registry”. Each gift package is custom-made. Simply hover over the plus signs to learn more about each component.

Name a star gift package
  • Gift Folder
  • Star Data Sheet
  • Constellation Information
  • Instruction Guide
  • Star Map
  • Star Certificate
  • Stellarium Software
  • Silver Necklace / Compass

Choose your package for a

star baptism

We offer different star baptism packages, which differ mainly by the brightness of the baptized star. In addition, the packages have different configuration possibilities and include different documents and extras. Next, select a package and customize it on the upcoming page according to your wishes.

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Standard package incl. certificate, star map, documentation, gift folder


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Brighter star than Starlet Standard package
+ Personal dedication
+ Stellarium Software


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Principal star in constellation Standard package
+ Personal dedication
+ Stellarium Software
+ Choice of constellation


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Two stars side-by-side Standard package
+ Personal dedication
+ Stellarium Software
+ Color photo of the stars
+ Certificate in duplicate


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Brightest stars in the sky Standard package
+ Personal dedication
+ Stellarium Software
+ Choice of constellation
+ Frame included
+ Compass or Necklace incl.


Your benefits

We are particularly proud of the high print quality of our gift packages. Your documents for the star baptism are printed in a professional printing house and your star is registered in the international star register "Starling Star Registry". Of course, we only baptize stars that are visible to the naked eye.

Star Registry

Record of the name
in the international
Starling® Star Registry.

Print Quality

Professional printing on
heavy 250 g/m2 cardboard.

Visible Stars

All stars named
can be seen with the naked eye.

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5 stars

Special gift, great service, fast delivery
I ordered to buy a star with a written dedication on the certificate for my wife. I ordered it a bit late, on the 27th of July and her birthday was on the 29th. I was not hoping to get it in time. On the 29th, the day of her birthday, my wife calls me amazed at the gift. It arrived in time, and not only; it made her a super happy woman! She shared it on FB and her friends were amazed, too! I recomand it as a special gift to your loved ones. Thank you, Team! [more]

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Skerdi Ibrahimi

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Mags Scott

Excellent Company!
Very efficient, friendly, helpful and uncomplicated handling Thank you from Switzerland! [more]

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Stunning, very well presented
The star is amazing, both myself and my daughter Daisy-May cherish it as my husband and her daddy lives on. Very well presented and the necklace a lovely touch. [more]

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Daisy Walker

Got it for my friend of mine as a birthday present, she was chuffed to bits with it, showing everyone who came, all I need now is clear sky to show her where it is in the night sky. Top quality product, beautifully presented, well worth buying for somone special [more]

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